Why is great content so important for your website?

Having a beautifully designed website that shows off your products and services is pointless if your company doesn’t appear in online searches and no-one visits your website.

Your company website must appear in online search results (like Google), and the information on your website needs to be interesting enough to keep people coming back.

That’s where great content comes in.

Don’t read any further if you’ve got thousands to spend on advertising!

If you can afford to pay for ongoing Google Ads that will keep you at the top of the search rankings, you probably don’t need to read any further!

But, if you’re looking for ways to attract new customers without spending a fortune, this article is well worth five minutes of your time.

What is content marketing?

“Content Marketing” is a relatively new buzzword in the world of marketing, but it is actually as simple as it sounds.

Any information you add to your website or social media platforms is “content” and the “marketing” bit is how you promote that content.

On your website, content includes blogs, news articles, reviews and new product information.

On Facebook and other social media platforms, content refers to new posts which you use to promote your business and, hopefully, drive people to your website.

We’re focusing on website content as this is also the source for much of your social media posts.

How does new content improve my Google search ranking?

All day, every day, 365 days a year, Google and other search engines trawl the internet looking for new website content that matches what people are looking for.

If you haven’t updated or added any new content to your website for a while, Google Analytics probably won’t “find” your business when it looks for answers to people’s search questions.

The more relevant and fresh your content is, and the more visitors you can attract to your site, the higher up Google search results your company will appear.

What constitutes great content?

  • An interesting and relevant subject
  • Informative and engaging
  • Contains words and phrases linked to your business (including location where possible)
  • Well-written with no spelling mistakes!

Great content interests and entertains people and makes them think well of your company – taking you one step closer to a sale.

Great content starts with a good, interesting subject – it must be relevant to potential customers.

Your aim is to answer questions regularly asked by your customers and match the queries people are typing into online search engines.

There’s no room for errors

If you write an article that’s full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, you may do more harm than good when it comes to engaging with your audience.

A poorly-written article leaves people with a bad impression about the quality of your work or products.

If you’re not a confident writer, ask a family member or friend to read through and provide honest feedback before you publish anything on your website.

How often do I need to add new content to my website?

The more often you add new content, the more reasons you give potential customers to visit your site and the closer you get to that elusive sale.

In the real world, most of us don’t have time to write a new article or blog every day.

If you can add a blog or an article at least twice per month, this will keep propelling you into Google’s search parameters and increase your chances of moving up search result rankings.

Who can help me with content marketing?

A professional copywriter will be able to create interesting and engaging content for your website that can also be used in printed materials and as sales aids.

Contact a few copywriters in your area to see what they charge for creating professionally-written blogs and ask to see examples of their work and testimonials.

Build your content library

Start with two articles or blogs per month which you can promote on social media to drive people to your website.

It takes time to build a library of articles and a good online presence bu,t always review your website visitor statistics – and hopefully sales figures – after each post to see the impact your new content is having.

If you can afford it, budget to test run your content marketing efforts for three months to show a realistic trend of your website visitor numbers and identify the number of new customers who came to you because of your growing online presence.

About Brandabble

Brandabble is a small, friendly marketing company based in West Sussex.

We specialise in helping small to medium-sized business to punch above their weight with beautifully-designed websites, creative marketing ideas and professional copywriting that grabs attention.

If you’d like to hear how Brandabble can give your business the voice and look it needs to win new business, contact us today.


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