Are you likeable?

Over 35 million people in the UK regularly use Facebook – can you afford to ignore that many potential customers?

Get out there, get on social media

Positive reviews and recommendations on social media lead to new business for thousands of companies every day – and you don’t need a huge advertising budget to get results.

Social media platforms like Facebook, linkedin and Instagram are a fantastic way for you to engage with your customers, showcase your products and services and promote your business to potential customers.

Perfect match

We can create a professional Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest account that reflects your brand identity and is easily recognised by your customers.

Let us do the talking

Brandabble can create and manage your Facebook page and even “talk” to your customers on your behalf.

We can write regular posts and updates for your Facebook page and we’re full of great ideas on how you can win more “likes” for your business.

Twitter and Pinterest are also great platforms for “talking” to potential customers, especially if your business is visual and you can show “before” and “after” photos which will speak more than 1,000 words.

Try and post information that readers will find interesting or useful and not just blatant sales pitches. Allocate time in your day to create regular messages  – social media sites that haven’t been updated for over a month will quickly be dropped by your followers. Likewise, if you’re posting adverts 10 times per day, don’t be surprised when readers fall away.

How Brandabble can help
  • Create a Facebook page for your business that matches your company brand and identity
  • Publicise and encourage positive feedback and recommendations from customers
  • Keep users coming back to your page with newsworthy articles and blogs
  • Manage your Facebook page and respond to comments on your behalf
  • Explain what posts will attract the most “likes” for your business

Great writing gives your business a voice

When it comes to engaging with your customers, the words you use are as important as the pictures.

A great website or company brochure is a combination of beautiful design and well-chosen words that connect with the reader.

Is your business looking a bit pants?

Is it time to smarten up your business brand and boost your company's sex appeal?

Brandabble can give your business a total makeover with stunning results that will turn heads and stop competitors in their tracks.

The Brandabble Marketing Bundle gives you all the tools you need to tell the world you're open for business  and "woo" new customers.

We will create a new brand identity and logo, a professionally-designed, mobile-friendly website and top quality business stationery


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