Establish a brand

We’ll make sure your business stands out with stunning designs and a consistent, professional image wherever customers see your name.

We specialise in branding, design and content, helping new businesses create a brand identity and logo that helps them launch with a bang.

We also work with established companies to create websites, content, brochures, stationery, sales aids, flyers and banners to help your business grow.  

Your logo and brand identity

Your company logo and brand identity represents the “look and feel” of your business.

Strong company branding will tell your customers what you do, why you are the best at what you do and will make customers feel good about doing business with you.

We’re experts at helping businesses to understand their Unique Selling Points (USPs) and translating this into a powerful brand identity that really connects with customers.

The big question is “Is your company branding winning or losing business?”

A powerful logo

Once we’ve identified what your company’s brand stands for, we’ll translate this into words and images that convince your customers to buy from you – that’s where a great logo can help.

A good logo sums up your business’s brand at a glance and should be eye-catching, simple and memorable.

Ask yourself?
  • What makes your business unique? Are your customers getting the message?
  • Does your branding make your company look great and make your customers feel good about using you?
  • Does your branding make potential customers choose you over the competition?
  • Are you proud of your business cards, website and Facebook page?

Having a powerful brand identity for your business can improve your reputation with customers and suppliers.

Logo and brand identity
How Brandabble can help
  • Free consultation to explore your USPs and create the right brand identity for your business
  • Create a powerful, eye-catching logo for your business that people will remember
  • Write, design and print high quality company brochures, leaflets and business stationery that showcases your company at its best
  • Provide cost-effective ways to use your company brand in print and online to win new business.

How to use your new identity

We’ll make sure anything with your company’s name on it really stands out and grabs the attention of potential customers.

We may not be able to close the deal and make the sale for you, but our professional and highly-creative design skills will help give you that all-important “foot in the door.”

Whether it’s your business cards, website or social media presence, we’ll ensure your company looks great and really engages potential customers.

Get in touch

If you are in need of a new logo or brand identity, us contact us and we will be in touch to talk through the process and how we work as well as providing you with a quote before we start working on anything.