Do people know your business exists?


Things start-up small businesses must do even if they have absolutely no money to spend on marketing!

You’ve decided to take the plunge, leave your secure job and set up as a sole trader doing what you love.

Good for you.

Who have you told?

Chances are, you’ve talked this through long and hard with family and friends and they’ve told you to go for it – they’ve seen how great you are at what you do and they all believe you’ll be successful.

How are you going to win customers?

Unless your family and friends are the only customers you’ll ever need, it’s crucial to promote what you do and tell the world why they should use you.

Free Marketing Tools

If you haven’t set aside any money for marketing (we’ll talk about this later!), there are still lots of ways to tell potential customers you are open for business and explain why they need your services and products.

Facebook and LinkedIn

It’s free to set up business pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

As a rule, LinkedIn is better if you sell B2B and Facebook is best if you sell direct to consumers.

With Facebook, you’ve got an instant audience in your friends and family – and they all know people who will like and share any posts you write about your new venture.

You could reach hundreds of potential customers within hours if you get it right.

All you need for your Facebook or LinkedIn page is: –

A great image with your business name as your cover photo for the home page and your company logo as the Profile picture.

Obviously, the cover image should explain what you sell or the service you provide without the need for words.

Even if you’re blessed with movie star looks, you need to showcase your business and save your head and shoulders or “Me on the beach at Clacton” photos for another day.

Use the About section to include as many details as possible. If it’s relevant, include your opening hours, location and map and any reputable organisations and / or trade bodies you are affiliated with. Complete every section with as much information as possible.

Even if you don’t have an office, include your hours of business as this will be used to judge how quickly you respond to messages.

Add some great photos. High quality photographs will make your page sing and attract new likes and followers. Start with a gallery of 10 photos which demonstrate what you do and, if you can, show photos of customers using and enjoying your services and products.

Start collecting and adding glowing reviews. Recommendations and testimonials (even from total strangers) are incredibly influential when we’re deciding who to trust with our hard-earned cash. Ask every customer if they’re happy to leave a review – designing a short feedback form will make it easy for them.

Post regularly. Once you’ve set up your page it’s really important to keep adding fresh posts. This lets people know you’re still around and starts building a relationship with people who visit your page and who may one day want your services.

Practically-Free Marketing Tools

Depending on the kind of business you run, the local newsagent or even takeaway may be prepared to display a card with your details. Remember to include your email address and contact details.

Marketing Tools that cost a few quid

High End Business Cards

Business cards – you can hand these out to anyone and everyone you meet and ask family and friends to hand them out too. Of course, it would be better if you had a great logo and top-quality business cards but, as long as they are mistake free, buy whatever you can afford.

A professional website

Nowadays, everyone goes online to find the products and services they need and want. A professional-looking website allows you to compete with much larger businesses and can boost your potential audience without limit.

A great website allows you to tell your story, promote your business and maintain a regular dialogue with customers and potential customers. It gives you the space you need to really promote the benefits of using your services. And, if you can write some regular blogs and newsy bits, you’ll be able to post these on Facebook and draw people to your website.

Start saving to boost your business

If you are just starting out and believe you can’t spend anything on marketing at the moment, start saving 2% of everything you earn each week. By the end of your first year, you’ll have enough to take your business to the next level with a professionally-designed brand identity and logo, business cards and a top-quality website.

Or – speed up your growth by investing now

We understand how much pressure there is on finances when you start your own business.

However, spending money to create the right image and branding for your business at the outset will increase your chance of success and profit – and that’s a fact.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get amazing results

At Brandabble, we’ll create a professionally designed 5-page, mobile-friendly website, an eye-catching brand identity and logo, top quality business cards and a bespoke Facebook page to get you started for £1,200.

We’ll even let you pay monthly to make your first year that little bit easier. What are you waiting for, give us a call today and let’s get you noticed!

Brandabble is a small, friendly marketing company based in West Sussex.

We specialise in helping small to medium-sized business to punch above their weight with beautifully-designed websites, creative marketing ideas and professional copywriting that grabs attention.

If you’d like to hear how Brandabble can give your business the voice and look it needs to win new business, contact us today.

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