Cheap Logo Design

Is it a false economy

Think carefully before going for the cheap option.


Why cheap logo design is false economy

Cheap logo design could actually cost your business a lot more than just money.

If it’s not “fit for purpose” in print, online and on social media, you’ll be doing your business more harm than good in the long run.

And, if it hasn’t been created with an eye on the future growth of your business, chances are you’ll have to fork out again when you want to diversify or expand.

A strong logo is worth the investment

A new logo or brand identity is a worthwhile investment for your business.

Getting it right can make your small business look bigger and more professional to clients searching for a business like yours and it will help them to remember you and encourage them to get in touch.

First impressions count and if you have a dated looking logo or a logo that is busy and cluttered or hard to read, this could create a bad first impression and a wasted opportunity to land a new customer.

What purpose does a good logo serve?

A logo needs to give clients a feeling of security, reassurance and professionalism.

It will convince them that you are going to deliver the services and products they want to a high standard.

You may not even get the chance to show off your products and services if customers are instantly put off by a shoddy looking logo on a flimsy, cheap business card.

Spend time researching your needs

The reason designing a logo or brand identity shouldn’t be cheap is because of the time needed on research and planning before the design work even starts.

Any good designer will want to take the time to understand your business, your clients, your marketplace and how you need to use the logo.

This includes examining the age of your clients, understanding what products and brands they already like and purchase and where they usually make those purchases.

Getting creative

Thorough research will help the designer to create a logo and brand identity that fits your business needs and, more importantly, meets your customers’ aspirations and needs.

This will include everything from the shape of icons to the colours and typefaces used.

You also need to consider the competition and other companies in your area and how they look? Do you want to standout from them or fit in with the rest of the industry. 

Make your logo future proof

How will your business use the logo now and in future?

Is it just going to be used on business cards and letterheads, or will it be reproduced on shop fronts and vehicles? Will it be printed on product labelling thousands or millions of times. 

What is the cost of getting that wrong? How much will it cost to get new shop signage produced and re-print all those brochures you’ve just had printed?

That’s why the process of creating a logo is not quick and should not be cheap.

Just the initial research stage takes time and we haven’t even started the design stage. 



The design stages

The design stage is about taking all of the information found in the research stage and putting it into action.

The initial round is about understanding what you like and what you don’t like.

That is why designers will create 3 or 4 initial designs based on the research and use this information to create 3 or 4 very different ideas for you to consider.

You’ll be asked what you like and dislike about each design and this helps you choose a design route to head down with the confidence that you have considered other options first.

The cheap logo design option will often just jump straight in at this stage and only give you three designs to choose from.

Key stages in logo design

The first round is created in black and white with colours coming further down the line. This is to avoid distraction and to ensure that the logo works equally well in black as it will in full colour.

This again will help in future as not everything will always be printed or reproduced in full colour.

It also needs to be scaled up and down without loss of quality to make sure you can use it and it can be read everywhere – whether that’s on a postage stamp or on the side of a building.

Time to be colourful

Once you have decided what direction and design ideas you prefer, future rounds of development add colours and show it will look in “mock-ups,” and keep amending the logo until you arrive at the end result.

This could take two, three, four, five or more rounds of development. A good graphic designer will offer you unlimited amends until you are perfectly happy with your final logo.

Many “cheap” logo design services will charge for every amend and each development of the logo.

A good designer wants to create a logo and identity that you love and can use for years to come as your business develops and grows. 


Brand guidelines

Once you have settled on a new logo, most good design companies will produce “brand guidelines” to help you ensure that the logo is always reproduced correctly and not distorted.

They will also supply you with a set of files of the logo that will allow you to use it on a dark and light background and also in full colour and single colour.

You won’t get this with a cheap logo design service because it eats into their profit.

What do you expect for £25?

Please think carefully before choosing the design company you want to work on your logo and brand identity.

We hope you can see that a strong logo and brand identity can’t be designed for £25.

Depending on the size of the business and the number of ways the logo needs to be used means it can take hours and sometimes days of work to get it right.

Consider what you earn for a day’s work or your hourly rate and then look at design quotes with that in mind.

How much effort would you spend for £25?

Cheap logo design is not a bargain – it’s just cheap.


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